What is the best country to work in as a nurse?


The profession of a nurse or nursing assistant is one of the most demanded abroad. The conditions are perfect in countries such as Norway, Holland, Germany, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, and you can earn double or even triple what is in Spain.

work in as a nurse

In many cases, they have insertion plans with language courses, validation of qualifications and accommodation for the first few months at no cost to the candidates. 

Of course, they forget about going for a few months to save something. Instead, most offers look for professionals who want to stay and live in the country indefinitely or at least for two years. 

Most of the offers for nurses to work abroad are in public or geriatric hospitals, with a high demand for nursing assistants. 

Here you will find:

  • Schengen Area Countries
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Holland
  • Swiss
  • Germany
  • malt
  • Belgium
  • Countries outside the European Union
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Equatorial Guinea
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Schengen Area Countries

Below I detail the European Union and the Schengen Area leading countries where you could work as a nurse if you are from Spain (or have a European passport), with approximate salaries and data from agencies that help you with the job placement in this sector. 

In some countries, such as Germany, there are even agencies that process work permits for non-Europeans. 

If you are Spanish, the great advantage of working as a nurse in one of these countries is that they count the hours you work for the job market in Spain and validate your nursing qualifications, apart from the fact that you do not have to process any work permit. 


This country offers nurses the best salaries in Europe, earning more than €4,200 per month.

They always need to hire foreign nurses, and many agencies offer insertion plans to learn the language, find accommodation and validate your degrees. 

Some of these agencies are:

  • Global Working
  • Ecure Care
  • nordic house
  • WRK Berman


It is one of the best countries to work as a nursing assistant or nurse if you want to gain experience and improve your English.

One of the main advantages of this destination is that for inexperienced nurses, it is relatively easy to start working in nursing homes, there are many, and they pay pretty well and are not as demanding with the language as it can be in a hospital.

This is a good option even to be working while you validate your nursing degree is a good option. For example, nurses in nursing homes can earn around €20/hour, about €3,200 gross per month if they work 40 hours a week. 

For nurses in hospitals, salaries are usually between €36,000 and €42,000 gross per year for 39 hours of work per week.

In the following article, you have all the details on validating your degree to work as a nurse in Ireland and a list of agencies that find you a job and help you with the paperwork.

Work as a nurse in Ireland.


Nursing work in the Netherlands usually has a schedule of between 32 and 36 hours a week, and the salary is between €1,800 and €4,000 gross per month, which can increase considerably if you work overtime, which is paid up to 60% more if you are on holidays. 

Some agencies hire you from Spain and provide you with intensive language courses until you reach the necessary level of Dutch (B1) to be able to work as a nurse in the Netherlands, apart from helping you with the search for accommodation and validation of the degree. 

Some of these agencies are:

  • European Healthcare Agency
  • European Multi Talent Group
  • Nedio Care
  • employment


In Switzerland, he was working as a nurse; you can earn between €6,000 and €8,000 per month, especially in areas where German is spoken, where there are more jobs. 

Some agencies that process this type of work for foreigners in Switzerland are:

  • Broad Talents
  • TEA


The salary as a nurse in Germany usually ranges between €3,000 and €4,200 gross per month, to which up to 40% of taxes would have to be subtracted to calculate your net salary. 

The leading health personnel placement agencies in Germany for Spaniards are:

  • Respite
  • Nurses Germany
  • TEA
  • Careloop
  • Ferrer Staff

Some agencies process the work permit for citizens of countries outside the Schengen Area, so if you are from Latin America, you can also contact this type of agency. 

  • Capital Medical
  • Educator (for Mexicans)
  • Bridge for Mobility (for Colombians)


In Malta, salaries for nurses are between €18,000 and €27,400 gross per year, it can be a good destination if you want to speak English and live in a country with a good climate. 

M Recruitment is an agency that sometimes publishes vacancies to work as a nurse in Malta.


If the language you speak best is French or the language you would like to learn, one of the best options may be Belgium, one of the most multicultural countries in Europe and with the best connections to travel with cheap flights to Spain and other countries. Many countries of the Union. 

In this country, nurses’ salaries are usually between €1,850 and €2,850 after taxes for 38 hours. 

Some of the leading agencies with support in Spanish that help you find a job as a nurse in Belgium are:

  • Moving People
  • EmploymentTransfer

Countries outside the European Union

Suppose you do not have a European passport, apart from Germany and Austria. In that case, it is pretty complicated to have your degree validated in countries of the European Union and even more so to process a work permit if you do not already have one. However, you still have other countries outside of Europe that also pay excellent salaries and hire foreigners.

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