the ultimate secret for beautiful hair care of your scalp.?


So that our mane survives the first frost, here is the advice of Véronique Beaupré, co-owner and master stylist of the Local B salon.

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  1. Play dry shampoos

Bundled up under our tuque, our hairstyle loses its volume. To remedy this, a few spritzes of dry shampoo at the roots and our mane gets back on its feet. “We avoid volumizing foams, which contain alcohol and dry out the hair fiber,” warns Véronique Beaupré. Another tip: prefer earmuffs to a toque!

  1. Camouflage your hair

Exposure to cold and the friction of fabrics such as wool or felt considerably damage our hair. The specialist recommends tucking your hair under your scarf to protect it from harsh weather conditions and avoid chafing. In bed, we also think of opting for a satin or Egyptian cotton pillowcase, which is softer for our tips.

  1. Limit heating devices

Hair dryers and hot plates are too aggressive to be used together in very cold weather. The advice of the pro? “Let your hair dry naturally and, when it’s almost dry, finalize the brushing with the hair dryer.”

  1. Visit her hairdresser

“In summer, I recommend cutting your hair about every three months, but in winter, I recommend refreshing your ends about every two months,” warns Véronique Beaupré. Visiting the salon, we take the opportunity to pamper our lengths with an intensive treatment that will penetrate deeply and gently repair them.

  1. Opt for a purifying shampoo

In winter, the pro recommends using a purifying shampoo once a week to eliminate toxins that suffocate the scalp. “It’s like for our skin when we make a scrub that exfoliates dead cells, it oxygenates it and promotes the penetration of active ingredients.”

  1. Abuse moisturizers

“Once a week, after the purifying shampoo, leave a moisturizing mask on,” suggests the hairdresser. This will rehydrate the hair fiber and allow it to fight against the hot/cold effect, which promotes dehydration and weakens the hair. You can also use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners the rest of the week to optimize the effects.

  1. Brush your mane morning and evening

“Brush your hair morning and night! It’s grandmother’s advice, but it works! notes Veronique. Brushing your hair regularly allows you to distribute the sebum from the roots to the tips and therefore limit their drying out thanks to this completely natural protective film.

o the arms of Morpheus so that when we wake up, our hair is shiny and untangled!

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