The importance of regular visits to the dentist.?


To keep your teeth healthy, it is important to make an appointment with your dentist at least once a year. Indeed, an annual visit is more than recommended to detect and treat certain infections and oral problems in time. Why are these control visits essential? The dental office of Doctors Adil Oozeer and Najia Mosaheb explains everything to you.

Why go to the dentist regularly?

Dental plaque, which is deposited on the surface of teeth, is made up of salivary proteins, bacteria, complex sugars and acids. Brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing daily can reduce its deposit. However, if oral hygiene is not done correctly and diligently, dental plaque sets in and thickens permanently. With the addition of mineral products present in saliva, it will turn into tartar. When the pie is present, it is then necessary to go to the dentist who can remove it with the appropriate tools.

A regular visit to check and treat

The role of the dentist is to prevent and cure. In particular, it will take into account:

the characteristics of your mouth,

In function, he will advise you on good habits to adopt and help you adopt the right gestures. It is therefore more than advisable to make an appointment with the dentist every 12 months. For young children, visits to the dentist are recommended.

Scaling to maintain dental health

To avoid the appearance of gingivitis , the dentist will offer you a scaling if necessary. The latter consists of removing the plaque of tartar by scraping or passing an ultrasonic device and then polishing the cleaned surfaces to restore the shine to the teeth.

Heal to soothe and calm

In the case of cavities, dental care comes to soothe and prevent them from getting worse. The earlier cavities are discovered and treated in time, the longer you will keep healthy teeth!

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