The 6 best exercises to relieve the sciatic nerve.?


Tired of suffering from a “stuck” sciatic nerve? The following exercises will help control your symptoms  as well as promote healing of the sciatic nerve.

It would be wise to first have the opinion of a chiropractor on your condition before undertaking these exercises. Indeed, a precise diagnosis of your problem could help you to better choose the exercises adapted to you.

The following maneuvers  alone may not be enough to completely cure your condition. The help of a chiropractor would therefore be in order.

Description of sciatic nerve pain.

It is responsible for the muscle strength and sensation of a large part of the leg. We have 2, one for each leg.

Origin  : 4th and 5th lumbar nerve roots and 1st , 2nd and 3rd sacral nerve roots

Route  : Exits from the pelvis to the buttock, descends into the posterior thigh, and divides at the knee to form the common fibular nerve and the tibial nerve

Termination : The tibial and common fibular nerves terminate at the foot

 Since the sciatic nerve encounters a large number of structures on its way down the leg, it is susceptible to being compressed in several places.

 Description of exercises for the sciatic nerve

Is your sciatic nerve hurting you? These 6 exercises to do at home can help you unblock it and relax it.

Alternate between these so that you do at least 2 or 3 a day.

 IMPORTANT: If, during the practice of one of these exercises, you feel severe pain in the lower back or in the leg, stop immediately and consult your chiropractor.

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