good reasons to visit your dentist every year.?


Dental exams are important for many reasons.  Your dentist DR Echaira El Mahdi is also an expert in maximizing your daily oral hygiene, which will save you time in the long run. Dental exams can also help detect expensive dental work that is needed before it’s too late! Let’s take a closer look at these five reasons why you need a dental checkup:

Dental checkups prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Dr. Echaira El Mahdi can help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease by uncovering potential problems before they happen. Indeed, your dentist can detect the first signs of tooth decay and gum disease. When caught in these early stages, your dentist may actually be able to reverse the process to prevent these problems from developing. However, they can only do this if you allow them to carefully examine your teeth and gums regularly.

Dentists can maximize your daily oral hygiene routine

Your dentist will also be able to show you how to best maintain your oral hygiene routine so that it is effective enough to prevent problems. They can show you how to get to hard-to-reach places and fix areas you might be overlooking. For example, your dentist can show you the correct way to brush your teeth so that it is effective enough to remove plaque from all surfaces without damaging your gums or tooth enamel. They will also be able to tell you which areas of your mouth need the most attention, as well as the best way to maintain them on a daily basis. For example, a dentist may recommend that flossing is not enough for your gums,

Dentists perform oral cancer screenings

An oral cancer screening will let your dentist know if you have signs of oral cancer, a disease that occurs when malignant cells form in the tissues of the body. It can happen inside or outside your mouth and it’s important to get screened at least once a year as its symptoms are hard to detect without professional help. If caught early, mouth cancer is usually curable. However, it can still lead to permanent damage or even death if you don’t get the right kind of treatment right away. Since this disease has no symptoms until its later stages, regular oral cancer screenings are the best way to prevent this.

Dental exams identify problems early

Dental exams can also identify problems early before they become serious and require major treatment. This is the best way to prevent future complications with your teeth and gums. For example, if you overlook an infection in its early stages, it may spread to other parts of your mouth or even affect nearby areas such as your jaw, neck, or ears. That’s why it’s important to have regular dental checkups with the dentist to catch problems early before they become too difficult to fix.

Regular dental checkups can save you money

Finally, dental checkups can also save you money by protecting your teeth and gums for many years. If your dentist identifies a dental problem before it gets worse, they can help you save money by offering early treatment. For example, a small tooth decay is easier and more affordable to treat. A dentist may recommend a simple filling before you get to the point where you need extensive root canal treatment.

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