The scalp the secret of beautiful hair.?


Beyond the attention paid to the hair fiber, to the hair itself, there is an essential gesture: that of taking care of your scalp.

While it should be at the heart of any “beautiful hair” routine, it is still too often neglected.

However, there is a change in behavior.

Some cultures have long been aware of the importance of the scalp. In Asia, for example, it is part of their daily life. It is considered there as an extension of the skin of the face.

In the United States, we see the emergence of more and more products, scrubs, serums… whose names are inspired by skin treatments.

In Europe, the trend is still emerging, but is gradually being established within hair routines. Previously focused on hair beauty and product results, today we care more about the health of our hair and a fortiori that of our scalp.

This advice file aims to present the essential role of the scalp in the good health of the hair.

At a time when everyone was focusing on the expected result – beautiful, dense and shiny hair – René Furterer was passionate about the cause: the study of the scalp, this fertile ground without which no hair can grow with vigor and health.

René Furterer has established himself as the scalp specialist for over 60 years  !

It is advisable to prolong the benefits of shampoos, balms and personalized rituals through gestures or additional care: washing, brushing and massaging the scalp.

These good gestures to take care of the scalp , as effective as they are pleasant, can turn into real moments of well-being.

The primary role of the scalp: getting to the root of things

The scalp must provide the hair with fertile soil on which it can flourish and grow with strength and vigour. It must also ensure a function of physical barrier of protection and thermal insulation.

The scalp: it is the living part of the hair.

It is an extremely sensitive area due to its very dense innervation and the presence of numerous nerve endings which react to the slightest stimulus. Each of its 600 cm² contains 2,500 receptors, twice as many as the skin of the face! This makes this organ an extremely sensitive part of our body.

Skin care has to be demanding, we’ve known that for a long time. With such hyper-sensitivity, and such hyper-reactivity, it is obvious that scalp care must be even more s

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