Why take care of your scalp.?


Like your hair, your scalp can experience ups and downs (dandruff, hair that grows greasy too quickly, itching, etc.). Unsuitable hair routine, stress, overly aggressive care products, the origins of your scalp’s whims can be numerous, as can their consequences… Because the health of your scalp is directly linked to the beauty of your hair it is therefore essential to pamper him!

A healthy scalp: the secret to great hair

When we notice that our hair is dry, damaged or greasy, we often forget that all these inconveniences are above all linked to the health of our scalp. A scalp that is too dry, for example, is a scalp that does not produce enough sebum, the hair is therefore less well protected from external aggressions, it in turn becomes dry or even brittle. As for an oily scalp, it is, you will have understood, its excessive production of sebum which will re-grease your hair faster than you would like. For hair in maximum shape, it is therefore essential to take good care of your scalp so that it remains balanced.

In addition to a gentle and adapted routine, one of the techniques most used by professionals to take care of the scalp is massage. Admit that it’s rather the kind of news that we like, right? With each shampoo, rather than rubbing, remember to massage your scalp, thus you will stimulate the blood circulation which irrigates the hair bulb. Your scalp will be more supple and healthier, and the bulb will be able to do its job perfectly: your hair will be beautiful and healthy!

The 4 good reasons to take care of your scalp

We naturally take care of our body, the skin of our face, our hair without really thinking about our scalp. However, it is on its health that the beauty of our hair depends and we prove it to you with three good reasons to take care of your scalp! Take care of your quickly regreasing scalp to avoid oily hair

Having oily hair means having a scalp that produces too much sebum. When the hair becomes greasy, we often tend to want to clean it too regularly. And this is indeed the biggest stupidity because it is precisely this kind of aggression that only makes things worse. Indeed if your scalp produces sebum it is precisely to protect itself! You risk finding yourself in a vicious circle. The best method to adopt is therefore to bet on gentle products dedicated to scalps that regrease quickly, such as the Réveil Détox range and its mixture of infusion of thyme and organic green tea, and to space out shampoos as much as possible using for example a dry shampoo.

Take care of your normal scalp to keep it healthy A normal scalp is a healthy scalp. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pampered! To keep it in top shape just like your hair, bet on the Brillance Lumière du Petit Marseillais shampoo and its infusion of poppy, with it you’re guaranteed ultra shiny hair!

Take care of your fragile scalp to prevent it from becoming too sensitive Your scalp is delicate and coloring only makes things worse? No problem, with the Sublime Couleur du Petit Marseillais range formulated with an infusion of poppy and organic pomegranate, your scalp will regain all its softness and your hair will be brighter than ever! Thank you who?

Take care of your dry scalp to avoid discomfort

If you suffer from a dry scalp with possible itching and redness, your scalp is sending you very clear signals: it simply can’t take it anymore. First of all, it is important to eliminate any source of irritation, such as lacquers and gels, products that are too aggressive (which dry out) and the hair dryer used at too high a temperature. But by adopting a routine adapted to dry scalps, everything should be back to normal, according to Petit Marseillais! We also recommend the Nutrition Richesse range, with calendula infusion and argan oil, which will allow your scalp and hair to regain all their softness and suppleness.

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