Use the best dab torch for a great smoking experience


There are so many ways by which you can enjoy smoking weed, cannabis, or other herbal substances while experiencing a smooth hit that can stay for a long. One such option is a dab for which you need a dab torch. It is an efficient tool of dabbing for which it uses butane or propane so there is a steady flame created. You can use it for heating the dab nail or banger. The torch would blaze ore like a rocket and can be divided in the split second. If you are looking for a lasting result then certainly, you must boost your knowledge about it.

great smoking experience

Discover more about a dab torch

It is one important part of the toolkit that a dabber needs to carry. Dab torch is available in different sizes and can also be used as a butane torch. If you don’t want to grey up the nail or banger, you can use it with propane as well. For a smoother experience to enjoy a hit therapeutically there is no doubt that dabbing is a great option. Cannabis touché is designed for using it in any kind of environment or weather and can also turn out to be a hot blaze or even reach out to 1371 degrees Celsius. It is said to be one dabbing essential where the torch needs to be handled in a better way for avoiding the skin to not get burnt or starting a fire at all.

Using it in the right way

The banger heating process is quite fast which is why you must torch the banger for at least a minute overall. However, you need to see to it that all the bangers are properly torched up so that the heat is evenly distributed. You would know once the banger is ready when you will notice some crimson glowing up on the deep orange. You can then let it cool down slowly and then go ahead with dabbing the cannabis concentrate.

If you want to dab using a torch lighter you can do so but there is a difference that you must know using propane or butane. In general, butane is said to be the ideal choice to dab using a torch lighter.


There is no doubt that the dab torch is one efficient tool that can give you a great dabbing experience. While there is a different options available in the market, you need to choose the one that fits your requirements and suits your wallet as well.

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